October 7, 2015

An advertisement of A Mother’s Survival: Finding Balance Through the Storms appeared in the Kudos section of the New York State United Teachers magazine.

September, 2015

A synopsis of Hope’s memoir appeared in the West Essex Tribune, a local newspaper of Essex County, New Jersey.

September 26, 2015

Hope Brooks appeared at the Avon Arts and Crafts show in Avon, Connecticut, for a book selling and book signing event.

August, 2015

A two page article about Hope’s book appeared in The Livingston News, a local newspaper for the towns of Livingston and West Orange, New Jersey. The title of the article was Livingston Woman Brings Hope to Others in Memoir.




Good afternoon, I’m Hope Brooks and this is a delightful moment for me. It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for since I began writing my memoir, A Mother’s Survival: Finding Balance Through the Storms. Today I am writing my first post. So many things have happened to me since childhood, and the memories of those events have lived within me. When I retired from teaching, I had a dream to share those experiences with the world in my book. I wanted to somehow impact the lives of others so they can learn how to survive and deal with the many injustices of life that we often face.

I want you to be part of my life. I want you to open your heart and share your feelings on this blog. If you have endured any of the things that I have, I want to hear about how you are dealing with them, so we can  bond and help each other. Please speak freely if you have been a victim of sexual abuse, have had your life impacted by family members diagnosed with mental illness, have had your heart broken by an earthshattering divorce, or have witnessed your innocent children suffer, as they see their parents fight and destroy each other.

I anxiously look forward to hearing from you.

Hope Brooks